During 12 days and 4200 kilometers later, I traveled in Iceland to make the complete tour of it. Driving from the great lava deserts of the South to the plains of the North, I found myself in total solitude outside the very touristic points of the island. Between seals, reindeer and Icelandic horses, my goal was to highlight the atmosphere prevailing on these lands, a mixture of icy cold and golden light. This wild volcanic terrain is wildly ravaged and creates large wild expanses with marvelous rocky or glacial formations. I also had the chance to fall asleep in front of the northern lights’ magical spectacle during a night spent in my (very) small vehicle.

Lived like an adventure, I realized it was more than just a photo report: my first solo trip will have allowed me to experience an incredible sense of freedom contrasting with the previous 10 months spent in the army.